Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Pleasure of Pain by, Shameek A. Speight

The Pleasure of Pain   

I really don't know where to start.  I'm not sure if I ever stated that I really don't read books about the drug game, it's not that I don't like them, I'm just not interested in them, but I'm branching out some and I have a few in my lineup to be read.

 I have this novel in a Kindle format, and as an audiobook, from Audible.com. First the Kindle version, which I purchased on Sept. 10, 2012. I mentioned my purchased date because I have seen that this title now shows an update published date of: May 14, 2014. The reason why I'm pointing out the publication date is because the version, which I purchased back in 2012 was poorly formatted. This was why it took me some time to complete it. Once I learned there were an audio version of the novel, I ventured in once more. Ebooks are supposed to read just the same as its printed version, so they should look similar, even if they are not by their nature. -There should be no space between paragraphs, margins should be set properly and so on, and so on. This was not the case with this novel (he is far from alone with this problem, even I screwed it up first uploaded version, and haven't corrected it yet, but this isn't about me). So I hope the revised version cleaned up the mishaps and produced a better reading product.

There were many editing errors found throughout the novel. The audio version from Audible.com, narrated by: Mr. Gates, length: 3 hrs and 46 min., format: Unabridged, offered some help, but even with the audio version you can hear the errors, and formatting mistakes through the narration.  
I heard a lot about this book and about the author, Shameek Speight, so I decided to download the book and see what all the fuss was about. I hate to say, I didn't see it. I won't take nothing away from the author. This man is selling more books than I am, but I just could not find what the rave was all about, which makes not question the author, I'm questioning the readers. Yeah think about that for a second. I know pretty covers will draw you in, and this 'Pleasure Series' covers are top notch.

The story moved fast, damn near too fast, which I think if the author would have eased up off the gas, the characters would have been better developed. The back story on the characters didn't really tell me who they were and why I should care for them. The character Bless was defined well, and I understood him. I got the story on the four ladies but there wasn't enough information there for to me develop a relationship with them, or to even care for them, and they really undergo some shit in this novel, but without a well defined back story it can weaken the development of the character and that is what happen here.

Now if you like action, and drama, this novel has it. If you like erotica, there is a whole lot of f**king going on between these pages, almost too much, but its not erotica, its porn, so if you're young, put the book down and back away.

The novel was very predicable, if you're a mystery solver, you won't have any problems figuring out who betrayed the crew, and you won't have a problem figuring out who was going to die and who wasn't.  Even thought I knew what was going to happen at the end of the novel, damn did I enjoy reading it! -I love action and drama and it played out like a movie in my head, and I liked that.

I have part two of the series, "The Pleasure of Pain 2" in my Kindle ebook collection already and I will read it, as well as part 3. I hope I will be able to deliver a better review. This novel I give 2 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Look ahead

What's on my agenda? Well I still have two reviews to post, which are: The Pleasure of Pain, by Shameek A. Speight, and Mistress Inc., by Niobia Bryant.

Books that I am currently reading are: Sex and Crime Oliver's Strange Journey, by Oliver Markus - For the Love of the Hustle, by Shaunta'e - Torn Love, by Larissa - The Pleasure of Pain2 Teflon Divas by, Shameek A. Speight.

This is my current line up and it should take me to September to complete this round of books and writings. Until then, happy reading.

Other books I am looking at are by Niobia Bryant, and Jackie White, and some lesser known authors. One on one interviews will be conducted and featured on my blog, Author to Author. So stay tuned, check back often as I post reviews by my small of reviewers and editors of W2PP and close friends. -If you have a book you like to have reviewed drop me note at: author.lordwilliams@gmail.com, or at my Goodreads inbox. Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mistress No More by: Niobia Bryant

  Mistress No More

My, my, my this series is only getting better. As an author I wondered how Ms. Bryant was going to start this volume of the series, and than I wondered where the he'll will she take it? Well this author answered my questions and then some, and how so you asked? Well the life of the characters are driven by the storyline,  the storyline is driven by the subplots, the subplots are defined and executed by the author's Character Development Skills.  Poor Character Development leads to weak characters,  undefined subplots, confusion, and sloppy execution of other elements needed to tell a good story. The author Ms. Bryant was able to take her characters and take this story into a direction I didn't consider and to that I say, "Bravo!"

My version of this novel was an audiobook purchased from Audible.com. It was narrated by (the  seductive voice of the grown and sex), Scoozi Cheyenne (Ooo I got a thang for this woman). The book runs for 9 hours and 23 minutes, which is about the average time 10 hours audiobook (ruffly around or above 300 pages), and it was Published by: Recorded Books.

Now how did author Niobia craft this tale? Well do you remember those issues our 3 herons had back in, "Message from a Mistress?" Well those issues never did get resolved in the first book because the issues was used as pawns, but in this venture those same issues are strongholds which must be addressed. Now can you say 'drama.' Now I love me some drama, and a good damn cat fight, and the author severed me up a plate that left my belly full, and tongue dangling.

The three friends Jaime, Renee and Aria who all had some deep dark secrets which was unknown to each other back in the first book was now comforted with the realization that their perfect world and secrets lifestyles have crumbled and surfaced. Picking up the pieces and moving forward became a challenge for each all the women, and their mates.

The character development was excellent. Each person was unique and believable, although it was interesting to see the Wandering Husband, had undergone a personality change, well actually he displayed several personalities, but the author did established how he was capable of changing personalities within the first novel, which helped with making what was uncharacteristic, plausible. The plot was driven by the subplots of each woman's situation. Each subplot tension builder was on the mark, which climaxed the story to an explosive ending. 

This is a series I actually like, and I don't like many. I gave this novel 5 stars out of 5. It was a smashed and a book which will draw you in and have you talking back to the pages. If you haven't read the, "Mistress Series," by Niobia Bryant and you like Romance Suspense and Drama, it's a must read series.