Monday, June 29, 2015

For the Love of the Hustle, by Shaunta'e

For the Love of the Hustle  --  Shaunta'e Howard

For those who like books about the hustle, then I think you may enjoy reading, Shaunta'e debut novel, For the Love of the Hustle.

I read this novel using the Kindle app on my iPad, and Samsung Note 4. I did not witness, nor did I experience any formatting issues with this novel, which was published by; Brand Nu Publishing, and runs 143 pages long.

I'm not sure what genre this novel is listed under, but I think one of its sub-genre should have be, romance in this fast moving, action packed novel, and I wished the author would have put a greater emphasis on that fact, which would have gave the novel a softer feel and more substance other than the blood, drugs, and sex.

Precious is a young teenage girl who has sex-appeal, a big ass, and noodles for brains. Hey I'm sorry, I call it as I see it, she's young and dumb along with the other young ladies, but back to the book. They all hooked up with Cuz who just finished doing a nickle bid, now he's back on the streets on a mission.

The book moved fast, there's some drama, lots of killing, lots of sex, and lots of good fortune which propel Cuz and the Hustle Bunnies into a status to be envied. --There wasn't any wow nor crazy twist, or shocking moments. Everything is pretty straight forward, it a nice, quick read, but let me say the novel really could have used more editing and a little critiquing. I already downloaded part 2 and I hope those issues were addressed. I gave this novel a 3 out of 5 stars.