Friday, August 1, 2014

Mistress, Inc By: Niobia Bryant

    Mistress, Inc  

Well, well, well, I have read the third installment of this Mistress series, and we have come to hear the voice of the mistress, Mz. Jessa Bell, and she seem to have a hell of a lot to say.

In this installment Jessa speaks out, and peoples are listening to what this pregnant mistress has to say. She goes from tramp of the year, to an leading authority on cheating, no good husband's.... If that ain't the "fuck-it," I don't know what is.

This novel takes a few twists and turns, although there was nothing really shocking, but not that predictable either, which kept me racing towards the end. Mrs. Jessa Bell took center stage, and the author worked her in every which way possible. Although Jessa tries hard to stay on the side of The Lord, there just too damn much going on with the woman to walk among the righteous, and one reason why is, if Jessa looks anything like the model on the audio cover here, then hell she was created to please and to be please. Why fight nature? --And Jessa Bell can not fight hers.

My versions of this novel was read in my Kindle app and listen as an audiobook purchased from It was narrated by (the hot, sex, seductive voice of), Scoozi Cheyenne, and yes I got a thang for this woman's voice. The audio version played for 9 hours and 2 minutes, and  Published by: Recorded Books.

Author Niobia character development skills was excellent. The plot was driven by Jessa's small bush fires she had flaming up everywhere, which will keep you turning the pages to see what she does or how she responded to situation, the woman has such a wicket tongue. --I think the author was trying to prove a point to counter the judgement handed over to Jessa, and I'm not sure if I liked it. This dislike is not against the author or the storyline, it's just to say in my opinion to uncover all those who judge as hypocrites damn near validated Jessa betrayal, and I just like calling a spade a spade. You read it and let me know what you think. The drama is good, not over the top. The situations are true to life, as well as their solutions are believable.

This story just seem to get better as it goes along, if you haven't gotten your copy yet run and your copies today,, because the next book is on its way! "The Pleasure Trap" set to drop this October 2014..... So catch up.... This novel gets a 5 out do 5 stars.