Monday, February 8, 2021

Love, Lies & Consequences

Games peoples play

And the novel has a lot of game being played. This is not my normal read, I find myself tumbling into them more and more these days, but overall this was a good book. It had all the things I look for in a book like drama, more drama, straight talk, sex, blood and the illusion of love.

My version was listen to as an audiobook. This Unabridged Audiobook was published by Urban Audiobooks and Blackstone Publishing in 2018 by the authors of Blake Karringtion and Genesis Woods. The paperback was published in January 2018, by Urban Renaissance, with a count of 256 pages.

These two authors came together and did their thang with four characters that must have very big feet cause they are forever tripping over them. The four characters I'm referring to are Savannah, Reign, Heim and Lyfe. This drug induce love story has everyone on high and have them zooming in so many other directions than the one they need to focus on, which is Lyfe relationship with Savannah, Heim relationship with Reign, but the relationship stalls because Heim and Lyfe wives won't co-operate, and neither does the up and coming reveal gangs. It's just situation and situation. 

These characters will draw you into their lives, which is good writing when your characters becomes peoples with thoughts and emotions that reaches out and personally touches, relate, or piss you off. I gave this novel 4 stars.  --This novel has drama, action, love, lust, lies, murder, and dumb shit that peoples do. There is much more to this storyline because this first book is only an introduction and teaser so their characters and situations, their next novel or two will have to come BOLD, so I'm like, you drew me in, now bring it and send me home.


Friday, July 17, 2015

I'd Rather Be With You by: Mary B. Morrison

I'd Rather Be With You  (Book 2)

Well, well, well how time flies when you're scheming, lying, cheating, and trying to commit murder. I'd Rather be With You is the continuation  from "If I Can't Have You," and these are characters behaving badly.

Mary B. Morrison spun a true sequel that picks up directly behind predecessor "If  I Can't Have You," book 1 of the series, and I like that about multi-volume series.

I liked the first book so much, I immediately downloaded book 2 from, which plays for 9 hours, 47 minutes, narrated by Cary Hite, and published by Blackstone Audio.

As I said before, book 2 is filled with nearly all of it's characters from the first installment and yes these characters were still behaving badly. --So it's like, where do I begin? There is so much going on with all these characters, keeping up with them you will need a score card. Yes they are all over the place; a wife pulling the plug n her husband, your number two girl nursing your man back to health, your man finding out you've been plug by another man and you're having his baby,  and the maybe baby's daddy is out of jail and wants everything.

It's rare to find sequels leading off from it's prequel ending and to be just as good as the first book which drew you in. This author, Ms. Morrison is a Storyteller, and she's damn good at her job. In this novel the things which unfolds all stems from the first novel, and it's drama packed , the only thing I didn't like was the lost of friendship. I hope somewhere down the road I would see this get addressed.

This is a good story to read and follow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I gave this novel 4 stars out of 5, so check it out.


Monday, June 29, 2015

For the Love of the Hustle, by Shaunta'e

For the Love of the Hustle  --  Shaunta'e Howard

For those who like books about the hustle, then I think you may enjoy reading, Shaunta'e debut novel, For the Love of the Hustle.

I read this novel using the Kindle app on my iPad, and Samsung Note 4. I did not witness, nor did I experience any formatting issues with this novel, which was published by; Brand Nu Publishing, and runs 143 pages long.

I'm not sure what genre this novel is listed under, but I think one of its sub-genre should have be, romance in this fast moving, action packed novel, and I wished the author would have put a greater emphasis on that fact, which would have gave the novel a softer feel and more substance other than the blood, drugs, and sex.

Precious is a young teenage girl who has sex-appeal, a big ass, and noodles for brains. Hey I'm sorry, I call it as I see it, she's young and dumb along with the other young ladies, but back to the book. They all hooked up with Cuz who just finished doing a nickle bid, now he's back on the streets on a mission.

The book moved fast, there's some drama, lots of killing, lots of sex, and lots of good fortune which propel Cuz and the Hustle Bunnies into a status to be envied. --There wasn't any wow nor crazy twist, or shocking moments. Everything is pretty straight forward, it a nice, quick read, but let me say the novel really could have used more editing and a little critiquing. I already downloaded part 2 and I hope those issues were addressed. I gave this novel a 3 out of 5 stars.



Saturday, April 25, 2015

If I Can't Have You by Mary B. Morrison

If I Can't Have You (Book 1) 

This is the first novel in the series, which I hope to read a lot of. I have come to learn and I come to like most of the characters. Ms. Morrison has became a wonderful Storyteller, and a superb writer. Her stories are down to earth, many peoples can relate to the conflicts, and topics, and I find that refreshing.

What I also find refreshing is strong feminine women. Please note I said they were strong FEMININE women. A lot of writers can't  portray strong women femininely completely, myself included.They usually come across too strong and mannish, or too feminine and soft, or strong, wise, and aged. That's not the case with the women between these page, I hope you get to see what I have.

As usual the formats used for this review were first; the Kindle Edition version, approx. 385 pages, published by Kensington Books, also I listen to the version, 9 hours and 13 minutes long, narrated by: Nacole Small and Cary Hite, published by: Blackstone Audio Inc., and Buck 50 Productions, LL.

This novel started with and featured three young women, Madison, Loretta, and Tisha. Have you ever wondered about this magical number 3? --There always seem to be a trio when it comes to storytelling. Even I, myself have used this formula in my writings, and no I didn't learn this in any formal, or informal settings. I used the Trio Theme the way most writers would use the formula, which I like to refer it to Clint Eastwood classic movie, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

I say this because if you look at each character and their roles,there is always the super bitch / bastard, the one who opposes the bitch / bastard, and the one in the middle who keeps the peace and balance between the two. The Trio, usually break-up along the way, and get back together at some junction down the road, and I believe that might be play out with this trio.

Now on with this review. If you like drama well you got the right book, baby. If you like stupid characters, well you got the right book, baby, and if you love hating those back-stabbing mo-fo's, well you got the right freakin'  book. The book is Good! This was a page turner for me, and I think it will be the same for you. 
There are predicable situations and outcomes but it's how you get there (the journey,) that keeps you glued to the story, and all of the drama within the pages here extend from a stupid-ass bet, a smart-ass dummy accepting that stupid-ass bet, and a dumb-ass who breaths. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, this book got a lot of asses running through its pages. Hey, what can I tell ya!

I don't like giving the story away, or a long summary with all the details, why should you read if you know everything about it, but I'll say this much, the book deals with the aftermath of a stupid bet Loretta purposed to Madison, as where she accepted, which had me wondering if women do stuff like this often? -Someone please let me know.

Getting back. Madison agreed to the bet and as you would know it the bet alters her future, which she was so sure would come to pass. --If I Can't Have You, is a theme a few of these characters will hum. So like, check it out for yourself. I give this novel 5 Stars.